The new decade has heralded new beginnings with fashion dominating the kingdom. Owena, the chief of the armed forces was a dapper herself. With glossy overcoats and chained accessories she announced her femininity to the world.

Team Credits

Models: Amber Leah Black

MUAH: Gabrielle Stevens

Wardrobe Stylist: Deannelys Corcino

Publication: Ellements Magazine

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Metallic Lustre

A bodice of strength and sensuality, she is a princess of the Aurum clan. Her beauty is her power and her jewelry is her armor. Weaved into an embellishment of metal rings, she captivated everyone with her enchanted beauty.

Team Credits

Model: Saragrace Tramont @ STATE Models NY

MUAH: Saragrace Tramont

Wardrobe Stylist : Rasheena Liberte

Publication: Ellements Magazine