Chasing Silver: Editorial for Elléments Magazine

Photography is one of those crafts where there is no end to experimentation. Shooting dramatic images on a black background got me bored and inspired to try something new. I wanted to experiment with different materials and still retain my aesthetic of dramatic lighting. So, I decided to shoot with a different background; and if I was going to change up the background why not build one. If you do something do it big!

The next and the most important thing was to get inspired and ideate a shoot. My last shoot Risky Affair got me thinking on taking the element silver to another level and constructing a shoot based on that. I called Nikolett (Stylist) said "Listen I have a really cool idea, I don't know what it is yet, But I know I want to do a shoot with the element silver. Can you do it?". Surprisingly she said yes! I had the right clothes, accessories, footwear for this. Later, I called up Sonia(MUAH) for the same and she also was on board! Based on our conversations, the concept for the shoot began coming together. With my dearest friend/solution for my shoots Pinterest, I put together a small mood-board to kickstart everything. The whole theme for the shoot was inspired by the appearance and textural properties of silver.

To discuss about the construction of the background, after doing some research, I decided to build the background using Mylar. Mylar is a polyester film which is really smooth in terms of texture. It does not crumple and if it is used the right way, it can almost appear to look like a mirror. We made a make-shift room by sticking Mylar on V-flats. We even made a platform where the model can stand. This served as the perfect background for the shoot, giving it a completely new dimension for my aesthetic.


The backgroud setup was ready; and it was the final shoot day! I did the lighting setup while the makeup and hair was going on.


One thing I had to keep in mind was "Family Of Angles" -  to avoid the reflection of the light in the frame as well as hard shadows. I figured out that I needed a light that spreads instead of a spot light. So I got this beautiful Broncolor Para 88; it creates a consistent spread of light.

Don't you just love the sound that these lights make! Pop, Pop, Pop...


So for the first look, I kept the light simple and clean, made sure the essence of silver was captured - the silver background, silver clothes, silver everything!


Once I got in few shots I got comfortable with lights. I further modified the lighting setup to make it even more dramatic, made the silver background disappear but ensured the reflections were visible.


For some reason I am always attracted to catchlights; and I think this is the reason why I capture these beauty shots to show the beautiful eyes. I have developed to make this my signature - showing the catchlights in close ups.

Finally here is the editorial spread published in Ellements Magazine issue Fashion Issue.


BTS Camera: GoPro Hero 5

Camera : Sony A7RII

Lens: Zeiss Batis 85mm, Canon 100mm Macro

Lights: Broncolor Move, Broncolor Para 88, Profoto Acute.


Model: Elena Korposh @ Americana Models NY

MUAH: Sonia R

Wardrobe Stylists : Nikolett Nemeth

Location: New York Film Academy Studio

Special thanks to the entire team for making this shoot beautiful and successful.