Risky Affair: Editorial for 7 Hues Magazine

Concept, concept, concept: No woman can go wrong with a ‘Little Black Dress’. The little black dress has been a go-to for most women through the ages. This concept is a sneak peak into someone who is a head turner at the fanciest party.


Experimenting with color gels is always an interesting experience. The idea was to add enough light and not making them appear like neon lights. Since the clothes and the background are black, I added red and blue gels on the either sides to give a little separation. Surprisingly, it gave a colorful shimmer on the cloths which added a lot to the whole image.


To change things up a little, I used a silver V-flat as a background. It was a little hard in balancing the lights since silver is reflective and creates contrasty light. But I was able to take advantage of the contrast and played with lights; just enough to avoid them in the reflection by positining myself and the lights at the right place.


Its important to learn something from every shoot. It saves time and effort in your next shoot. The one thing I learnt from this shoot was that retouching hair is not easy or fun! It takes up a hell lot of time. I'd spend 30 minutes extra during the shoot fixing it, rather than 30 minutes extra per image in post-production and retouching.

Finally here is the editorial spread published in 7 Hues MagazineThe Bold Issue.


Camera : Nikon D810, Canon 5DMIII

Lens: Nikon 85mm, Canon 100mm Macro

Lights: Profoto

Team Credits:

Model: Karolina Shchehorieva @ EMG Models

MUAH: Irina Kovacevic

Wardrobe Stylist: Kabrea Thomas

Location: New York Film Academy Studio

Special thanks to the entire team for making this shoot beautiful and successful.