Backup, Backup and finally Backup!!!

Its not if your hard-drive fails. Its when your hard-drive fails.
— unknown

I am a typical nerd. Its absolutely fine that I talk about Backup. Every time my hard-drive crashed, it taught me a lesson. Not once, twice or thrice, but more than 10 times. I lost countless amount of data over the years. I have had a number of friends who lost data in their courses of time. Hard-drives are never full proof. There is no particular brand/model of hard-drive thats perfect. Its like choosing the best poison and drinking it.

Did I scare you enough? Good you should be! 

Loosing data is a huge deal. And you would be a complete dolt to think I never lost my data till now and would never lose it in the future. Like I said its not if your hard-drive fails what to do; Its when your hard-drive fails what to do. 

My backup has a backup. There is a backup method in the market that we nerds refer to as '3-2-1 backup strategy'. This is the best backup strategy out in the market. Its not perfect, but this is the best. It hasn't let me down yet. Nor the friends/family I recommended it to.

3-2-1 Backup Strategy: 3 total copies of data. 2 of them are local and separate devices and the 3rd one is offsite.

Local Backup:

When I buy a hard-drive, I always buy 2 of them of the same size. One hard-drive is the main drive where I store my actual data. And, the 2nd drive is the clone of the first drive. And the naming convention goes something like this -  'Photos 1' for the main drive and 'Photos 1 Backup' for the clone drive.

I use a software called Carbon Copy Cloner which makes a exact clone of the hard-drive every single hour of the day. The reason I prefer clone over backup is when the main drive crashes. I immediately switch over to my clone drive rename the drive to the main name and start working. Later I will order a new hard drive or get it fixed and attach that as my new clone drive. All the hard-drives that I own are connected to a USB hub, which are always attached to my Mac Book Pro. They are constantly working 24/7.

There are many features in this software; which we are not going to get into detail in this post. But my favorite of all is the safety-net feature which is always switched on which has saved me 100's of times. When you accidentally delete a file/folder in the main drive. During the backup it automatically moves the deleted file into a separate folder and clones the rest of the drive.

01 Carbon Copy Cloner
02 Backblaze

Offsite Backup:

I have tried every single offsite backup out there but the one I use is called Backblaze by far this is the best one I have used. It backups unlimited amount of data for only $5/month. I have over 10Tb of data backed up to the cloud already. Backblaze automatically detects each hard-drive on the compute and backups them up to the cloud continuously. The way that I set it up is all the main hard-drives are set to backup to the cloud with Backblaze including the internal drive. Backblaze has many features like restoring the files though zip for free or pen-drive/hard-drive shipped to you with an additional cost and many more.

One of the features I love the most is their mobile app. Have you ever been in a situation where you needed that one file immediately but you forget the hard-drive in the house? I have. Well you can login into the mobile app and have complete access to all the drives that you backed-up and restore the file that you need from the mobile app.  


Signup from the link below and get a one-month free Backblaze account.