Fashion Forward: Editorial for Elléments Magazine

For a really long time I wanted to do a high fashion editorial that is futuristic. This implied that I had to put in a lot of production; have a huge team; and the most important - have a kick ass stylist. Luckily, I found Caroline who is a dedicated wardrobe stylist willing to go all in; we gel together well and are always on the same page.

Concept & Inspiration: I wanted to explore what happens when fashion meets the future. Expensive minerals instead of fiber and other organic substances is what I envisioned. I was inspired by the fashion statements made in the movie Tron: Legacy, and the artists like Lady Gaga and Daft Punk.


By now you are familiar with my aesthetic of dramatic lighting. To keep that going I used two softboxes on the either sides to create sandwich lighting. I added red gel on the right softbox.

See those cool looking metal accessories, Francesco and Caroline hand made them, Now that is dedication to work.

Remember my obsession of symmetry and being things straight? This was exactly it! The background lights were placed vertically straight and a perfect sandwich lighting was created with 2 soft boxes on either sides. I also guided the models to pose in symmetry.

Sara(Female Model) and Jennings(Male Model) were really cool and patient they were as obsessed as I was with getting the poses right in the studio.

I strongly believe that it is very important to listen to your team and take feedback and suggestions during the shoot. I loved it when Nicklaus(Designer) came forward with this idea of the pose, I jumped right at it and believe it or not this made the editorial even stronger.

Caroline was able to score the coolest looking glasses by celebrity designer Stevie Boi. We cut out some black tape and stuck it onto the glasses which made them look futuristic. Of course the models were not able to see anything for a while because their eyes were completely covered.


This was about breaking the symmetry through the posing.

Apeksha(Digi-Tech) had my back telling me what to fix and if anything was missing. She was communicating with Dova(MUAH) and Caroline at the same time to fix minor issues on set rather than in post.

Finally here is the editorial spread published in Elléments Magazine issue Summer Body.


Camera : Sony A7RII, Canon 5DMIII

Lens: Zeiss Batis 85mm, Canon 100mm Macro

Lights: Profoto

Team Credits:

Female Model: Saragrace Tramont @ MSA Models NY

Male Model: Jennings Brower @ BMG Models NY

MUAH: Dovile AnosovaSaragrace Tramont

Wardrobe Stylist: Caroline Marie

Digi-Tech: Apeksha Agarwal

Location: New York Film Academy Studio

Special thanks to the entire team for making this shoot beautiful and successful.